Six Days Post Op

March 26, 2019

Today marks 6 days since the operation. I had my post op appointment with the surgeon moved up because of some nagging pain.

The pain in my neck did not ease up. It was causing tension headaches and dizziness. I was supposed to return to work on Monday, but ended up calling off due to feeling faint in the morning as I was getting ready.

I called the doctor’s office. The surgeon spoke to me personally. My appointment was for Friday, but he suggested moving it up or having me go to urgent care if the pain was too bad.

I went to urgent care. She immediately located a pulled muscle in my neck and prescribed a muscle relaxer. That little boost got me through the day.

Post Op Appointment

The surgeon’s office got my post op checkup moved up to Tuesday. The appointment was short and sweet. The surgeon checked my incisions, which are actually less than a centimeter in width each. I don’t expect much visible scarring, if any at all. They look really good and there is minimal pain. I move slowly, but the pain is actually less than I anticipated. My head and neck pain is by far the worst part of this recovery.

He checked my neck but had no additional advice. He too believes it’s just a pulled muscle that will heal with time.

I spoke to him about the random shooting pains I have and near constant feeling of being on the verge of leg cramps. He doesn’t believe they are related to the surgery and advised that I drink more water to stay hydrated and take magnesium to relieve the cramps. I’ll probably just stick with the water.

Back to Work

I arrived to work by 11:30AM. I’m still struggling with the headache and neck pain. I can’t take my medication until I get home because I have to drive.

My advice: Take the full week off. I know they tell you you can return to work after a few days, but do yourself a favor and take the week. Two if you can.

I have a desk job, but it can be quite busy and mentally exhausting. Not being in good physical shape takes its toll. I do not at all feel ready to be back to the normal grind, but here I am. I will do my best.

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