What are your tips ...

What are your tips for sticking to a budget?  


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25/01/2018 11:36 am  

Sticking to my budget isn't the easiest thing for me to do.  I've already dipped into next week's budget, which makes it less likely I'll stay on track next week.

Some tips that have helped me include:

  • Sticking to cash - For most of my adult life, I've used direct deposit and my debit card.  But when using my card, it's a whole lot easier to go over budget without noticing.  Keeping a set amount of cash in my pocket not only helps me see how much I have left at a glance, but it also helps me to maintain the willpower not to over spend.
  • Buy in bulk - This one is a lot harder to do if funds are already tight.  But when you can, take advantage of lower per-unit pricing by buying in bulk.  When I spend $100 one week at a wholesale club, those are items I don't have to buy for a while, keeping my usual weekly costs down.  Even if I go over a little bit, I can usually make it up by not spending as much the following week.
  • Maintain a separate account for regular monthly bills - By keeping your money for monthly bills in a separate account, you ensure that you have the money to pay them, and you can also better see what you have left over for your variable expenses.

What tips do you have for sticking to your budget?